Friday, February 3, 2012

Tell The World About WVM

WVM are also World Versus Me: Electronic, Rock, Alternative Music.

WVM, the brainchild of David Alvarez, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, programmer, producer and visual artist from Los Angeles. ^^\/\/\/|\/|vv

2011: WVM music licensed to;
Sony Computer Entertainment’s “inFamous 2 Karma Trailer”
Teen Nick’s “Degrassi: In too deep”
Spike TV’s “Auction Hunters”
SyFy’s channel “Being Human”
E! News Channel
TLC Channel “Charlie Sheen: On the Brink”
Travel Channel’s “The Wild WIthin”
Travel Channel’s “Triple Rush Daily”

Bamboosk8 Commercial
WVM’s “Transference” included in a compilation for “Songs of Love for Japan” which featured Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco and more for Japan tsunami relief.
WVM raised over $7K in 2 weeks successfully completing a Kickstarter campaign for a recording fund on the upcoming release “The End Is Only the Beginning.

2009: WVM (David Alvarez) beats Brokencyde, Godhead among others in a Battle of the bands. A contest hosted by Wonka Candy which garnered a massive 33 million impressions online and included several up and coming signed bands.

2008: Engl Amps endorsed David Alvarez and promoted this endorsement in music magazines across Europe, including the largest music magazine in Germany, “Rock Hard”.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Warriors Of Metal Fest lV, Coming June 17 and 18!


Warriors Of metal Fest IV Open Air is proud to announce the participation of the world renouned Puerto Rican Doom Metal band DANTESCO for a return performance on our stage after their very first continental United States Live concert at Warriors Of Metal Fest III Open Air last year when after just half a set, it was decided that they should be re-invited to once again infuse this Festival with their Metal spirits. Stormpspell Records has released the self-titled Demo recordings of Dantesco along with 3 bonus tracks as a newly re-released album in 2011 in addition to their new full length album called "7 Years Of Battle" which is currently on sale at their website. It was, therefore with anticipation of quite a bit of new materials that frontman and band leader Erico "La Bestia" Morales proclaimed "Brother, tell everyone that Dantesco will destroy WOM Fest this year"!!!

Also coming from Puerto Rico, and signed to Erico La Besstia's Jurakan Records, AURA AZUL, with a self-titled album under their belt and an Iron Maiden Tribute album in the works will be making their mainland America debut performance at Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air in 2011. Plans are afoot for a 2.5 week tour in USA from Miami, Florida to Fort Wayne, Indiana during 1.5 weeks of which they will be joined by Chicago's Very own Progressive Power Metal band SACRED DAWN who will be supporting the March 2011 release of their 3rd album entitled "A Madness Within", distributed worldwide through Dark Star Records. SACRED DAWN will return to Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air after 2 years when they supported Twisted Tower Dire on WOM Fest II in 2009. The band states that "from their numerous live appearances across the Midwest to playing alongside international acts such as Symphony X, Testament, Cage, Firewind, Kamelot, and Epica, Sacred Dawn has garnered critical acclaim as well as fans around the world and are now very excited to not only tour with their Metal brothers of AURA AZUL from Puerto Rico but to return to the Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air to showcase their new brand of dark progressive power metal for their fans".

Chillicothe, Ohio's own Power Thrash Metal young guns, AGE OF DISTRUST who last played in Warriors Of Metal Fest II Open Air in 2009 supporting of their hometown heros of LUNARIUM will return to the Fest this year, emboldened with the addition of the talented guitarist Kurt Miller who himself participated in the 2009 Festival with his own band Mutilist. AGE OF DISTRUST are currently in the process of recording their Debut EP to be ready by Fest time.

ARGONAUT is a new project of most of the old crew of the Fort Wayne, Indiana Progressive Speed Metal band Zephaniah that has gone through a transformation to venture more into the progressive aspects of Speed & Thrash Metal subgenres. Now reformed and re-energized, ARGONAUT will kickstart the Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air on Friday, June 17th with the furious showmanship and the technical expertise we have come to expect from these talented musicians.

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT from Madison, Wisconsin made a big impression on the Fest's fans with their stage antics and tongue-in-cheek lyrics accompanied by crushing US Power Metal style last year and even Sean Peck from CAGE noted, having played in Wisconsin prior to the Fest that "Rapeshore [one of their songs] rules! We said Rapeshore the whole rest of the tour"! And now, having released their 2nd album "Chains On Fire" on January 28th to such an accolade as "a healthy mixture of Priest’s rocking early 80s antics and traditional US power metal....with songs that go back and forth between melodic and catchy and more crushing and doomy" from UK's Rock On The, we are very excited to see the Lords in action again in 2011.

DEATHALIZER from New York City appealed directly to the Fest organizers' love for old school Thrash Metal with high powered riffing and great progressive elements and their showcasing became a must early on. According to the band, they "start right were Metallica and Pantera left off, mixing the best elements of groove and thrash metal into an elegant and melodic speed metal experience". Their debut EP, "It Dwells Within" has now been expanded to a full length album with further additions of great quality songs every couple of months at a time since the EP's release in August of 2009 and they're all available for download on ! Guitarist Antonio Calaf explains "this will be our first chance to play at a festival and what better way than this to get started with other quality metal bands and great organizers?!" The Mayo Music Review describes DEATHALIZER as a band that "...has taken the best things from metal, great riffs, attitude, the sound, and used them to create musical magic, these guys aren't musicians, they are magicians!”

Last but not least, while Portage, Indiana's Skullview is in hiatus, Earthquake Quimby Lewis and Dean Tavernier have formed their new Doom Metal project by the name of STONE MAGNUM and they are in the process of preparing their self-titled debut album to be released in early summer of 2011 through R.I.P. Records. Having witnessed their very first Live performance at the Bang Your Head Or Die Festival on February 11th & 12th, the WOM Fest IV organizers decided to extend an invitation to this True Metal band to kickstart their 2nd day of the show.

More bands shall be announced next week. For more information please visit

Thank You

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Best Online Music Services: From The Musicians Perspective

The top 5 are, Bandcamp, Jango Radio, Jamendo, Mog and Reverb Nation.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Reality' Doesn't Bite After All

Woolgather means - bringer of dreams
Just got my advance copy of woolgather bands second CD, titled Programmes ll - The Reality Principle.

Casey and the guys have went with a little different sound on some of the new songs. Don't let that worry you though; the songs simply have more energy, with a clear and recognizable woolgather sound. It's immediately obvious, the guys have grown musically and spiritually, giving Woolgather a more mature and even more enjoyable sound. The new album will be available to the public on November 30, 2010, so save your dollars and euros Woolgather fans, because this one is essential, a must have CD in any progressive rock, music collection.

Programmes ll contains 7 tracks in total, ranging from 3 minutes to 9 minutes in length. I will be reviewing just a few here, so as not to spoil the whole experience for everyone reading this. Want you to be pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you will be.

The Kite, has a slightly faster rhythm than what we fans are used to on Programmes l, with hauntingly beautiful vocals, thoughtful lyrics and sensational keyboards. Uh-hm, these guys know how to arrange music, with cymbals at the correct spots and something I haven't heard from Woolgather before - accompanying, growling vox, but they have done a superb job with this, keeping it subtle and well placed, heard but not overpowering. Over all, I would rate The Kite a near perfect track, giving it a 9.6 of 10. This one is pre-released as a single. You can hear it in full on My Space, at this link.

The King's Ransom, will take you back somewhat, to that signature Woolgather sound we all know and love, but with a slightly heavier rhythm guitar and some really cool backing vox, in my opinion. This track is another gem out of the jewelry box everyone. I will be playing this one until my hard drive melts! 9.3 of 10.

Pre-Flight Candidacy is an intro to The Kite and an instrumental song on Programmes ll and it's a perfect mood for a perfect album. It leaves me wanting more and already waiting in anticipation for a Fourth CD from Woolgather. This starts with a nice intro, that may remind you ever so slightly, of Ghost Riders In The Sky, by Marty Robbins, covered later, by Johnny Cash and also The Outlaws. However, Pre-Flight smoothly morphs into something very new and unique, with some really clever instrumental work going on, with chimes, walking cymbals, prancing piano and a familair rhythm and bass. 9.1 of 10.

Over all album rating - 9 of 10. A must have CD!

Woolgather are:
Smooth Operator, Casey Tipton - lead vocals/guitar
Good Vibrations, Eric Stephens - Bass
The Diamond Cutter, Matthew Eads - Drums

Read more about Programmes l & ll in Woolgathers My Space Blog.
Get yourself a nifty T-shirt from Woolgathers official website.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Duel Has Begun! Taking On Shaolin Temple of BooM

Being a proud owner of all the Shaolin Temple of BooM music, it is easy to say, their latest album, titled Duel, is most likely the greatest work from them to date.
Ranging from mellow to full on energetic power rock and lyrics that connect with an eternal message, this album is straight from the heart, to the heart. Duel also includes a more symphonic backing, that helps convey the music in such a way, as to make it truly epic and unforgettable.
Third track on Duel, is the song Transference and all we can say is, 'wow'! This song is definitely a hit at The Cryb, as five of five of us, voted this song the best progressive rock tune, we have ever recieved. That being said, all the songs are fantastic and all the hard work that went into this release, is clearly heard and felt in all of Davids compositions.
It's a rare thing to really enjoy every track on one release, but that is the case with Duel. This entire album is quite good and well worth the purchase, so be sure and get your copy, because you won't want to miss having this one in your favorite rock collection. You can get that here: or

Here are some latest words, from David Alvarez of Shaolin Temple of BooM:

Hello my fellow BooMFighters,
It has been a tumultuous roller coaster ride these last 2 months, but I suppose that is the beauty of doing everything I do from self managing to self releasing my own music. There are several things in play right now that will break SToB's music into the mainstream as I have signed several contracts and have more on the horizon that will shock a lot of long time fans of Shaolin Temple of BooM. All of this done while still remaining an entirely independent, self-produced, self-managed, self- released artist.... all will be told in due time.... but definitely prepare for major radio play across the nation as well as hearing SToB on TV, major movies and video games in the very near future

Till then check out this video I just uploaded that has some behind the scenes action on me recording the album "Duel" or on facebook here!/video/video.php?v=1489091540644 (While at facebook, if you have a profile join me there yea?
First shipment of stickers will be mailed out next week followed by first shipment of CDs in about 2 weeks from today. I will include a free sticker for those that have purchased the CD and for those that purchased combo deals, I will add extra stickers in the mix.
For those of you that haven't picked up your SToB merch you can find it here or
That's it for now till the next time,
Shaolin Temple of BooM

Shaolin Temple of BooM on Lastfm
More Videos from ST((o))B

Friday, July 2, 2010

Warriors Of Metal Fest lll Review

Fri. 25 and 26 Jun – Warriors Of Metal Fest lll

An awesome first day out at Warriors Of Metal Festival 3 and the most die hard fans turned out for this one. It's currently 5:00 am, but had to take a break to write this real quick.

Check out this artists, called Imagika on Lastfm. They know what the hell they are doing at a live event - Kick ass, professional, in your face, speed and thrash metal, at it's finest! Every member of the band gives it 100% and excudes metal energy, from every sweat soaked pore.

@ My Space
Band Website: Official Website
Band Members Steven Rice (Guitar)
Norman Skinner (Vocals)
Jim Pegram (Bass)
Robert Kolowitz (Guitar)
Wayne De Vecchi (Drums)

More details and artists to come, as the show must go on.


Alas, the show must always come to a close, but it was one awesome party for the past two days, at Warriors Of Metal fest 3! We tripled our attendance this year, over last years event and WomFest organizers and staff, would all like to thank everyone who attended. We love you and hope you will be back for more, when we roll out Womfest lV, next year.

I spent half my time at this event, helping set security fence, running concessions and shuttling artists, to and from airport to hotel, hotel to gig and back again, but still managed to see quite a few of the metal bands perform.

Here are just some of the fantastic and righteous metal artists, I had the privilege to see. If I miss some of the bands, it's only because I was too busy to see them, so not trying to take anything away from them, because every band was super awesome and deserve a big thanks, for being a part of WomFest. You are all very much appreciated!

Most outrageous, fun filled artist, would be Lords Of The Trident. I mean to say, how often does a bands front man, don armor and arm himself with a mace and short sword, then proceed to sley the audience, mowing a path of devastation and bloody death, through the middle of the crowd? All that, while setting guitars on fire, waving banner flags, traditional warrior costume and a drummer, dressed as a devil, with menacing eyes and horns.

Plenty of chances for the fans to be involved and singing along with the band was all a pillaging, marauding, slaughtering, good time!

Opening artist for the first day, was a somewhat, stoner metal band, called 'Wicked'. Really great for an opener and it sucks, that they haven't a profile on Lastfm, because it would be killer to have them here. Good vocals and solid heavy duty, guitar riffing from these guys, made them truly memorable.

Have you ever thought it would be cool to see, legendary baritone Pavarotti, singing melodic doom metal? If so, then check this doom metal band, called Dantesco, who came all the way from Puerto Rico, to be a part of Womfest lll, in Ohio, USA. The crowd loved these guys and Dantesco stayed around for the entire weekend, to see the whole show and party with fans. Excellent live performers and we are having them back, for repeat performances in Ohio, so be on the look out for that, Ohioans. You won't want to miss them.

Another solid performer, hailing from San Diego, California, we have Skeletor, an epic speed metal band, that takes every opportunity, to refine and polish their music to perfection. Don't let the somewhat, cheesy name fool you; Skeletor are some serious metalheads with a vibrant and solid sound, that dishes out the goosebumps, when heard live. After they finished their set, there was a positive buzz for Skeletor, being passed through the crowd. The fans kept mentioning them over and over for the entire two days.

One particular artist, I was really dying to see perform was Icarus Witch - one of my all time favorite metal bands. Wouldn't you know, I had to run to the airport to drop off a band, catching a plane out in the morning, so I missed their set. Still, check them out, because they are superb musicians, who I have experienced many times before.

Who could forget Omen, Imagika, ASKA or Cage - the four headliners for our two day fest and every aspect of their sets, was spot on perfect. All four of these artists, had the crowd, crowding the stage, horns up, heads banging and long hair flying in heavy duty rhythm.

Omen and Cage, have multiple artists with the same name, on Lastfm, so let's not confuse Cage the metal band, with Cage the rapper, or Omen the heavy metal artist with Omen, the defunct hair metal band, or the Polish artists, who are sharing as well.

A better way to find the correct artists and the right music, is to sample the newly created tag, womfest lll radio and If you do listen to this tag and find a metal band amongst them you really enjoy, please tag them again, with womfest lll radio, so all the fans of these artists, will have an opportunity see the tag and listen in also.

Here is a copy of the complete two day, set list:

Day One

Silent Aggression(no shows)
Wrecked(not on LFM)
Resident Shredders: Matthew Mills and Joe Stump
Beyond Fallen
Jacobs Dream

Day Two

Black Vice(not on LFM)
Lords Of The Trident
Van Lade(not on LFM)
Forgotten Legacy(not on LFM)
Oblivion Myth
Zephaniah(not on LFM)
Icarus Witch
ASKA(not on LFM)

All the bands who participated in WOM Fest lll, finished their sets with a Ronnie James Dio tribute. Either doing a DIO tune, Rainbow, or a Black Sabbath tune, so DIO, Rainbow and Sabbath are also included, in the womfest lll radio, for your enjoyment. Rest in peace, Ronnie - May you enjoy eternity in Valhalla.